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People Inc. exists so that individuals with disabling conditions or other special needs have the supports they need to participate and succeed in an accepting society.


People Inc. is working toward a future where all persons whose needs limit their integration into the community can reach their highest level of human potential as responsible members of society. It is hoped that these individuals will, to their potential, be contributing and active members in their communities, enjoying the greatest possible degree of independence and acceptance, in all aspects of their lives.


  • Improving lives
    Every person has intrinsic value and contributes to community. Seeking opportunities to live life to the fullest. Helping individuals and families embrace the future.
  • Respect
    Person-centered approaches to service. Meaningful participation by individuals in decisions that affect them. Staff talent and dedication as the key ingredients to our organizational success. Interactions and communication reflecting high personal regard.
  • Integrity
    Careful stewardship of funds and philanthropic support. Fairness and honesty in all that we do.
  • Relentless Pursuit of Excellence
    Superior quality in all services. Exceptional training and supports for staff. Meaningful performance assessment. Never stop improving.
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    Meaningful participation by people in decisions that affect them. Honor the uniqueness of each person and wide diversity of the community we support. Advocate for equity and access in all we touch.
  • Flexibility and Creativity
    Welcoming change as an opportunity. Leadership in innovation and system design. Partnerships that enhance value and possibilities.


Western New York 1219 North Forest Road | P.O. Box 9033 | Williamsville, New York 14231 | Phone: 716.817.7400 | Toll Free NY 1.888.7PEOPLE | Fax: 716.634.3889

Rochester 1860 Buffalo Road | Rochester, NY 14624 | Phone 585.441.9300 | Fax 585.441.9398

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