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Early Intervention

Counties: Erie, Genesee, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans and Wayne

Early Intervention provides services for children up to the age of three with diagnosed or suspected developmental delays. The Program provides services such as occupational and physical therapies, speech, Language Therapy, Service Coordination and a Special Education Teacher that encourages your child’s growth and development. The program also helps you better understand your child’s individual needs and how you can enhance his or her development.

Age: For children up to three years of age

Information/Admissions: 716.880.3700 

Fees: No charge to family

Erie County
Services are provided through the Erie County Department of Children’s Services. Diagnostic evaluations are conducted to determine a child's eligibility for services. Services may be provided at your home or a community-based setting. The child must meet NYS Early Intervention Program Guidelines.

Monroe County and Surrounding Region
Only Early Intervention Service Coordination is available where knowledgeable Service coordinators assist families to determine and access the services that will help their child develop. They also provide crisis intervention and oversee the coordination between the family and professional service providers.

Checklist for Growing Children

Here´s what you can expect your child to be doing, from birth to age three. If your baby seems to be acting in a different manner, call the People Inc. Early Intervention Program at 716.817.9000.

3 Months

  • Turn their heads toward bright colors and lights 
  • Move both eyes in the same direction together 
  • Recognize bottle or breast 
  • React to sudden sounds or voices 
  • Make cooing sounds 
  • Make fists with both hands 
  • Grasp toys or hair 
  • Wiggle and kick with arms and legs 
  • Lift head and chest when on stomach 
  • Smile

6 Months

  • Follow moving objects with their eyes 
  • Turn toward the source of normal sound 
  • Reach for objects and pick them up 
  • Switch toys from one hand to the other 
  • Play with their toes 
  • Help hold the bottle during feeding 
  • Recognize familiar faces 
  • Babble

12 Months

  • Sit without support 
  • Pull to a standing position 
  • Crawl 
  • Drink from a cup 
  • Play peek-a-boo and patty cake 
  • Wave bye-bye 
  • Hold out their arms and legs while being dressed 
  • Put objects in a container 
  • Stack two blocks 
  • Know five or six words 

1 1/2 Years

  • Like to pull, push and dump things 
  • Follow simple directions ("Bring the ball") 
  • Pull off shoes, socks and mittens 
  • Like to look at pictures 
  • Feed themselves 
  • Make marks on paper with crayons 
  • Walk without help 
  • Step off a low object and keep balance

2 Years

  • Use two-to-three-word sentences 
  • Say names of toys 
  • Recognize familiar pictures 
  • Carry something while walking 
  • Feed themselves with a spoon 
  • Play independently 
  • Turn 2-3 pages at a time 
  • Like to imitate their parents 
  • Identify hair, eyes, ears and nose by pointing 
  • Build a tower of four blocks 
  • Show affection

3 Years

  • Walk up steps (alternating feet) 
  • Ride a tricycle 
  • Put on their shoes 
  • Open door 
  • Turn one page at a time 
  • Play with other children for a few minutes 
  • Repeat common rhymes 
  • Use three-to-five-word sentences 
  • Name at least one color correctly 
  • Are toilet trained

If your child is having trouble doing some of these things, it may put your mind at rest to talk to someone. Early help makes a difference! Talk with your pediatrician or call the People Inc. Early Intervention Program at 716.817.9000. 

Information courtesy of NYS Department of Health

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