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New Art Specialist at People Inc.'s Seniors Unlimited Program

BUFFALO, N.Y., March 10, 2011: Amazing results can be attained with art therapy. Just ask Dr. Arnold Bresky, author, co-founder of Brain Longevity Center in Thousand Oaks, CA and who calls himself a "preventive gerontologist." Dr. Bresky has been utilizing art therapy for patients that have Alzheimer's and dementia for years and claims he has achieved a 70 percent success rate with improving his patient's memories.

People Inc.'s Seniors Unlimited located at 310 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo understands the importance of art activities in the lives of those with Alzheimer's and dementia. Kaitlin Frisicaro was recently hired as an art specialist at People Inc.'s adult day program for individuals with dementia and other memory loss illnesses. Frisicaro brings with her a passion to improve the quality of life of the individuals she works with. She said, "The beautiful thing about imagination is that it is so uninhibited and is always accessible, no matter what your ability."

Frisicaro has experienced breakthrough moments with individuals that were previously resistant to participating in art activities. One gratifying moment occurred when she witnessed firsthand how the use of art activities brought a distinct clarity and relaxation to one of the individuals that she was working with.

Frisicaro, a resident of Cheektowaga, graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a degree in Visual Arts and New Media. During that time, she worked as a volunteer curator at Adams Art Gallery in Dunkirk while at the University and has a wide array of experience in planning special exhibits. Her goal at Seniors Unlimited is to improve the art experience by initiating value outcome focused projects. She helps individuals that attend the day care program with print making and painting. Frisicaro is excited about the ability to use a recycling focus in her activities as she explores innovative materials that can be reused for the art experience. She is utilizing color theory, a beneficial approach for those with memory impairment.

People Inc.'s Seniors Unlimited is a unique social day program for individuals who have dementia or Alzheimer's which may have been caused by Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, strokes, heart disease or any other illness. For more information for a loved one, call People Inc.'s Seniors Unlimited at 716.853.4500. People Inc.'s Seniors Unlimited is partially funded by the Erie County Department of Senior Services and the New York State Office for the Aging.

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