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Local resident, Maya Hu of People Inc., Accepted as a Board Member on the Mental Health Sub-Committee for the Office of Mental Health

Maya Hu of Cheektowaga has been accepted as a board member on the Mental Health Sub-Committee for the Office of Mental Health, and is currently the Senior Program Manager for a community based program: Consolidated Supports and Services at People Inc. She is a graduate of UB with a Master’s Degree through the Disability Studies program.


Maya’s new role on the board of the Mental Health Sub-Committee comes with the hope of reaching out to others and supporting the mission behind this field. She quoted a study according to the National Institute of Mental Health, and said, "An estimated 26.2% of Americans are affected by a diagnosable mental illness; this statistic is often cited as higher in the developmentally disabled population.” According to Maya, she hopes that this board, which is comprised of new members, will offer a chance for organizations to collaborate and promote a strong community. She said, “It is important to recognize the relationship between these populations and, more importantly, to identify how we can best support and include a diverse spectrum of humanity.”


Maya appreciates the opportunity to serve on the board of Mental Health and sees a parallel correlation because People Inc. is an agency that believes in providing support for its employees as much as the people that are served. Maya said, “It is fulfilling to be a part of enhancing lives and our community; it is gratifying to know that People Inc. values and invests in you and your personal goals as much as its mission, I had heard about People Inc. while working for another like company and, now, I am privileged to be able to contribute to one of the leading service providers in Western New York.”


Maya started working at People Inc. in one of our group homes and, subsequently, has worked as a Medicaid Service Coordinator and as a Senior Program Manager. In these positions, she said, ”I have been privileged to speak with many individuals, families, and service providers. I have shared in many hopes and dreams. I have met individuals, who, despite disabilities, aspire to be firefighters and policemen. I have worked beside service providers who give everything to see the people and families that they work with succeed. I have also shared in many roadblocks and frustrations. I have worked with families that struggle to provide for and ensure safety and security for their loved ones.” It is these stories that inspire her and that have reassured her that People Inc. is the place for her.


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