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People Inc. Provides Unique Residential Housing Program Called Perfect Fit

Program places individuals with developmental disabilities in certified private homes

December 2, 2016: A unique residential setting for people with developmental disabilities is available through People Inc.’s Perfect Fit Program. The program provides community members an opportunity to become certified providers and open their homes and their lives to people with developmental disabilities and other special needs.

The Perfect Fit Program offers a unique residential opportunity to individuals and their families and is a favorable alternative to a group home setting for those seeking greater independence. For the family of someone with a developmental disability, the Perfect Fit Program does not attempt to replace the care and support they have provided; it seeks to extend it.

The program is currently enlisting additional providers. Some of the many benefits to providers include being part of a growing community of caregivers dedicated to giving the gift of independence, helping someone with a developmental disability to achieve their personal goals and find a true sense of belonging. Additionally, providers receive a monthly compensation.

The person with the disability moves into a provider’s home and providers serve as caregivers, not parents, and operates as an extension of family not a replacement of family. More than companionship, providers offer community inclusion and independence, helping someone to achieve their goals.

“Perfect Fit is the ideal union of a motivated, independence-seeking individual and the loving, caring support of a private home provider,” said Carrie Grant, director of the People Inc. Perfect Fit Program. “Long-lasting, mutually-fulfilling relationships have come from this program since its inception. The evolution to Perfect Fit will certainly result in many more of these rewarding bonds.”

Formerly known as People Inc.’s Second Family Program, it was rebranded earlier this year as the Perfect Fit Program, in an effort to build greater awareness and attract more providers.

To learn about becoming a certified Perfect Fit provider, more about the program or to watch a video, go to or call 716.817.9011.

People Inc. provides programs and services to more than 12,500 people with special needs, their families and seniors throughout Western New York and Rochester. Since 1970, People Inc. has assisted individuals to achieve greater degrees of independence and productivity. To learn more, visit Like us on Facebook at People Inc. and follow us on Twitter @PeopleIncNews.

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